Sunday, April 17

So close, and Yet So Far

I am writing this post while devouring the last bit of strawberries and dark chocolate and watching Little Fockers, which may end up going down in my personal comedy hall of fame.

I have spent the entirety of the day working on my thesis. Literally, I have not left my room except to walk for an hour and eat these 4 delish meals:
Oats with extremely ripe banana and peanut butter
Spinach and asiago cheese chicken sausage, toast with hummus, and carrots.
Pear with cottage cheese
Grilled chicken breast, asparagus, and a pickle with a nice glass of red wine.
Yesterday was significantly better than today. It got started rather late. So late, in fact, that I didn’t eat breakfast. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t start my day with some eats, but since I knew I would be having an early lunchtime with Mama and several home school kidlets, I managed to go two hours on only coffee.  

We hit up the local Puerto Rican restaurant for some cultural fare.
Mons and her empanadillas
Side salad
Carbolicious grease-covered yumminess.
Black beans, rice, and platanos maduros
Cuzzo with a ridiculous amount of food

Afterward, Mons joined Biff, Megaleg, for fro yo at our favorite joint.
Sugar-free vanilla almond custard for me, mint chocolate chip for Mons.

Following our sweet adventure, we hit up the school pool for a mini layout session. It was unsuccessful due to the fact that the sun was hiding behind clouds.

Afterward, we headed home and I spent the rest of the night having some much needed down time. No photos were taken of the rest of the days’ food, but there was some major snacktion. Here’s the low down:
  • cucumbers and hummus
  • sweet peppers
  • a pear
  • almond milk protein shake.
Sunday promises to be just as dull as today, at least for the first half. I have resolved to finish my thesis by tomorrow night. Monday will also be filled with academic tasks. I’m not excited about it. But the hard work is going to pay off. I just have to keep trucking along, knocking out one assignment at a time. Only 5 major assignments to go before being  done-zo.

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