Tuesday, April 19


By 2 PM, I realized that I had failed at everything I tried to do today. But instead of getting down on myself and thinking about my shortcomings, I decided to pull a Charlie Sheen and focus on the WINNING.

I planned on waking up at 7:30, but pressed snooze 3 times, making my real wakeup time 8:00. My breakfast of champions happened shortly after rolling out of bed.
Toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam, toast with egg puff and hot sauce, and a bosc pear.
 After a leisurely breakfast, I sat down at my work station and, instead of working on the paper I had planned on finishing, caught up on my blog reading.
Having books nearby made me feel better about my slacking.

Yoga with fatigued muscles is nearly impossible, so instead of trudging through it, I took the opportunity to “listen to my body.” It was saying, “If you force me to keep going, you will never again have the opportunity to win anything.

I couldn’t wait until “lunchtime” and had a second breakfast.
Nutella makes my world go 'round. Paired with a banana and large bowl of Chex cereal, this was one of the best lunches I've had in a while.
Acknowledging my  vampire-like complexion, I made my way outside for some sunlight. Shortly after laying down, I found myself pouring with sweat as the vein on my forehead throbbed from the heat. Rather than thinking of my attempt to tan as a miserably hot, 30-minute sweat session, I like to think of it as body cleansing meditation.

With a much needed shower complete, I plopped myself on the couch for some R&R. Watching a movie is fail-proof. This needs no explanation.

Immediately following the movie, I ate this little number:
Rots and cottage cheese
 But alas, my mid-afternoon snack was not filling enough, so dinner was especially delicious.
Chopped salad and spaghetti squash with grilled chicken breast
 After dinner, I randomly started feeling a little stressed, so I channeled my inner Adonis and extra aggression into sprints, push-ups, and sit-ups, followed by a 30-minute walk with Mama.

I topped of the night with a vanilla protein shake. What a great reward for my hard work out on the road.
This is a WINNING face if I've ever seen one. This would pretty much secure me an internship with Mr. Sheen himself.
 In consideration of all of today’s events, it's clear that I have tiger blood running through my veins. Yes friends, I am winning.

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