Wednesday, April 27


Yesterday was my birthday. It was about as exciting as the title of this post. I’m fairly certain that I have not yet spoken about my birthday on Fit Food Lover. There are a few reasons for this 1) it sort of, well, slipped my mind, 2) 22 is not an awesome age to celebrate—everything is downhill from here, 3) we just had a huge partizzle for me on Saturday, and 4) senior thesis presentations were scheduled on my birthday which pretty much took all of the joy out of the day.

Upon waking, I had a fairly decent breakfast. Looking back though, I feel like I should have had something a little snazzier for my b-day.
Vanilla papaya smoothie
 I spent the next few hours working out, packing to head off to Collegeville, and making non-GF brownies for my pals.

Once I reached town, I stopped off at Dunkin’ Donuts. They were so kind as to send me a free drink post card for my birthday. Score.
Cappuccino. Disregard that creep-o strained smile.
This and an apple constituted lunch.

I arrived at La Casa de Biff feeling a little sleepy. I chatted to my honey bunches and his familia, gladly received their birthday wishes, and then proceeded to dive into the ambrosia salad that I packed myself as a treat. I want to take this time to give a shout-out to my aunt for making the best ambrosia salad of my life, complete with Easter bunny-shaped marshmallows. This is very dangerous stuff.
Creamy, fruity, fluffy goodness
 After eating a little bit of heaven, Biff and I hit the sack for naptime. We are old ladies, I know.

Later, half-asleep and still groggy, we practiced our presentations for each other, ate dinner (not pictured), and ran to our class. Thereafter, we spent the next 3 ½ hours listening to the most boring presentations of our lives. I was incredibly antsy the entire time because I knew we would be hitting up one of our favorite hangouts post-pres:


I ate entirely too many chips and had a bowl of vanilla ice cream with hard shell. On a side note: my camera died and the following blurry pictures were taken with Biff's camera....
Chocolatey Vanilla goodness.
 Magical. And sickening. Afterward, I could feel the obscene amounts of grease sloshing around in my stomach. I don’t really want to talk about it.
Biff bonding
Beccs and Abell looking like happy roommates

Brandels and Megaleg.
The lovebirds
 We had a great time. It was pretty much the only fun part of my day. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, my attempts to sleep in were in vain, and I woke up at my usual early hour. Instead of sitting around waiting for time to pass, I took advantage of my energy and caught up on some school reading and chatted with the love of my life. And ate, of course. (These pics: products of a mediocre cell phone).
Yog with apples and alms.
Being in class made me feel like a caged animal, but I somehow managed to make it through. Snacks always help.
Goodies I stole from the print shop
Boiled egg with cheery tomatoes and rots. Mac-in' it up.
Luckily, Biff and I were let out of class #3 early, so we decided to head to the Sweet Spot for some ice cream. Cappuccino for me.
 I was a little disappointed with my choice honestly, and thinking back on it, wished I’d have ordered mint-chocolate chip. O well.

After sitting through yet another class, Biff and I headed out for volunteerism. A few hours later, I arrived home and whipped up dinner of spaghetti squash, undercooked sauteed onions, and spinach and feta chicken sausage. I was not pleased with it. For this reason, it is not pictured.

In looking back over the past few days, or even the past month, my eating has been sub-par. Either I’ve eaten unhealthily, or the food I prepared was not as good as expected. I know I need to get back on the bandwagon, but the ambrosia salad in the fridge is calling my name. As they say, “You only live once.” But I also have to fit into my wedding dress…


  1. Glad you liked the Ambrosia salad! I love you!

    Aunt Jaime

  2. Hey! I tottally Helped with that ambrosia salad!!! Well...Kinda-sorta. I tasted it..That counts riight?? (: ILY