Friday, April 15


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you probably know my schedule better than I do. Tuesdays and Thursdays are never very exciting. So instead of giving you the usual recap of my lame-o day, let’s talk about what goes on beneath the surface. I have multiple conversations each day, some are hilarious, and some are so outrageous that you simply can’t make the stuff up. Biff and I always say we’d make a killing if a camera crew followed us around all day.

Before leaving school, I made my fifth, maybe sixth, attempt at combining protein powder with hot oats, again unsuccessful in my endeavors. My mom came out of her room and said, “Something smells like burning beans.”

“That would be my protein,” I replied.

A look of disgust crept over her face as I poured the failed concoction down the garbage disposal. Cold protein with raw oats and sliced banana took the hot oats’ place. I was not disappointed.
Copious amounts of cinnamon made this amazing.
 As yooj, I spent my entire first class talking to my honey bunny. Two major subject of interest came about: 1) I still can’t get past the ridiculousness of the Glory of Greece II. Who cares if the Erechtheion was built on uneven ground? 2) Our honeymoon plans are almost complete, and I have had no part in it whatsoever. El Futbolisto is convinced that I will somehow figure out where we are going for our honeymoon, although there are like a million and one places we could go. Apparently, he thinks that I have psychic powers.

At lunchtime, Biff, Beccs, and I discussed our plans for tonight. We still have no clue what we are doing. All I know is that we plan on hanging and dancing. That’s all I got. During that conversation, I devoured this little number while swatting away love bugs:
Turkey and provolone sandwich and bunches of rots.
 The obnoxious little black buggies had us going crazy, which brought us to the topic of the creation of love bugs. Yes, creation. Thanks to the University of Florida’s failed attempt at mosquito control, Florida is now plagued by these car-paint-ruining, useless creatures.

After a lunch and a nap in the quad, I headed to class number four. This is my favorite class of the day. In fact, I’m not sure you can even call it that. Our teacher arrives an average of 10 minutes late every day and we proceed to discuss random things that remotely relate to symbolism, myth, or ideology. Today, we did a writing workshop where we were supposed to proofread and give feedback on each other’s final papers. When we split up into groups, the prof immediately headed out to let us get to work. While on a trip to the potty room, I spotted my teacher in the middle of the courtyard, talking to another teacher, presumably on his way to get his eight cup of coffee of the day (and by cup I mean 20 oz. mug. No big deal). During this time, I munched part of “third meal.” Imagine flax crackers here. The rest of third meal happened later.
Pear and protein bar.
 As I left class, I telephoned the madre. She reminded me that we would be eating lunch at the new Puerto Rican restaurant tomorrow. Hooray for beans and rice and plantains!! Anticipation is already building.

Later, Biff and I went to our service site, and left about 20 mintues later. On our way back, we discussed the fact that we NEVER stay for the allotted amount of time we are supposed to stay, because everything that needs to be done is done by the time we get there. Also on this trip, we ended up back on the topic of senior thesis. It consumes us. We went back over our defense meetings, and I realized there was a little something I had left out in my first telling of the story. For 10 to 15 minutes of my meeting, one of my professors told the other professor and I how he and his best friend took 5 girls to the prom. It went something like this (I have no idea how we got here):

McFarls: Yeah, so my best friend and I took five girls to senior prom together.

Me: Wow, how’d you manage that?

RK: Hahaha!

McFarls: What’s that supposed to mean? I mean, I had my ways.

Me: Well, I’m sure you were a ladies’ man back in your day, but that was a long time ago. I’m surprised you remember back that far.

McFarl: hahahah- *makes completely serious face* You think you’re so funny. It’s a good thing I’m not grading your paper.


Seriously, I wish I could record everything for you guys and edit it into the perfect comedy clip video. I think you’d get a great deal of entertainment out of it.

We are now on our way to Zumba. 
Me looking overly excited
 Hopefully it won’t be cancelled this time. If so, there will be a conversation that won’t be nice enough to repeat on this blog.

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