Sunday, March 27

Daily Reminders

I’m finally getting around to recapping Thursday and Friday. This lack of motivation is killing me. But here I am, and that’s what counts, right?

Thursday was the norm- drive an hour to go to pointless classes. Pointless in material, not pointless in purpose (getting that diploma, baby). As of late, the need to do anything above and beyond passing seems more and more ridiculous. I just want to finish! I would love to speed it up a little. The foods I eat in the mornings and throughout the day are meant to give me energy and brain power for my classes. Obviously, that’s not working, but at least they are yummy!
Ok, sometimes it's yummy. Greens with water= death in a cup.

Toast. Peanut butter on one, cream cheese and fig jam on the other. Cinnamon yogurt on the side.

Chicken salad beast.
After class I had a horrific tummy-ache, which I attribute to dousing my insides with green drink, so a short naptime won out over volunteerism. Sorry little furry ones. All I wanted to do was hang with my Biff, whose brain connection with mine was even more evident than usual:
Black and white. Polka dots and stripes. I call it Clash-Match.

Also unplanned. T-shirt circa 2007 and paint party shorts. The hand prints on our butts are from each other.
We made our way to Wally World for a little food shopping trip, and feeling a little bleh, decided to head over to the local coffee shop for a pick-me-up.
Mocha Javaccino, thanks to my Biff and her gift card.
 We bonded over java and then came back to have dinner before going to our Thursday night Zumba party.
Baked sweet potato with sauteed onions on top. Not pictured: Biff's leftover carrots.
 We were both super excited about it since we hadn’t shaken our booties together in quite some time. But when we got there, we were disappointed to find out that class had been canceled. Boo you, Zumba teacher! Not wanting our matching workout get-ups to be in vain, we went for an hour walk around campus. Lovely.

After our stroll, we came back, showered, and proceeded to spend the rest of the night like 80 year old ladies. Sometimes, school work and relaxation has to be a priority. Jersey Shore managed to suck me in for its season finale, and then I hit the hay.

Friday morning, I woke up and had a liquid breakfast, courtesy Betty Lou’s Inc.
Orangey creamy goodness.

Seriously milkshake-worthy
I really loved this protein shake. It passed the no-fruit test (blended with only half water and half almond milk), although I think it would have been perfection if I would have included this banana in the mix. It pretty much reminded me of an orange creamsicle, which I LOVE.

Then I Skyped my Honey Bunches of Oats, and then Biff and I traipsed over to the school pool. While I was there, I munched on lunch. The only thing that would have made my time at the pool better would be having my man sitting next to me with his shorts rolled up, revealing his sexy muscles. Nothing beats a hot, tan, well-sculpted Portuguese boy (He will be blushing and slightly perturbed at my vivid description when he reads this, guaranteed). Sometimes, reminders like these give me little butterflies. Aaahhh, how I miss those days...
Carrots, yogurt with almonds and raisins, and carrot-apple cake.
 Fast forward to 5 PM and imagine me walking in the front door, heading straight for the pantry, and going on an eating rampage. I found myself scarfing obscene amounts Cape Cod chips, a bowl of strawberries, and two slices of toast with cream cheese and strawberry jam, all before we were scheduled to go to Carrabba’s for dinner with the famiglia (<--busting out my limited Italian). Nice.

In the spirit of balance, I had a light salad for dinner.
Insalata Fiorucci: Spring greens, eggplant, roasted red peppers, and artichokes drizzled with vinaigrette and topped with a hazelnut-encrusted goat cheese medallion.
In the spirit of indulgence, I followed that salad with a gigantic dessert.
John Cole: vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and topped with candied pecans.
On the way home, I started feeling like a health failure, over-analyzing my food choices of the day and thinking, “It’s going to have to be a salad day tomorrow.” But I realized that it does no good to dwell on what was “bad.” Instead I thought about the good that came of it: an extremely enjoyable and tasty dinner and time with good friends (we were joined by our youth pastor and his wife). What’s the good in enjoyment if it’s followed by self-punishment? Nothing. For me, living a healthy lifestyle has to be a daily reminder- some days I will uphold my commitment to it, others I won’t. What counts is that I enjoy myself. As long as I am healthy and happy, one, two, or even three days of falling off the bandwagon doesn’t call for a day in the penalty box.

Tomorrow, the family is coming over, which means there is going to be insane amounts of food laid out for my enjoyment all day. Instead of restraining myself, I’m going to go for it, in moderation, of course. And, after I eat a small baked potato with butter and sour cream, a little Sloppy Joe, and possibly a small bowl of ice cream, I’m going to feel good about it. I’ll make sure to remind myself of that tomorrow.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the advice on my blog, I really appreciate it! I really like how you view a healthy style but allowing for life's little indulgences-everything in moderation. Look forward to continue reading more from you! Also, I read your About Me page, and your engagement sounds so dreamy and romantic :)