Friday, March 11

Much Needed R&R

As you know, I’ve been battling a little cold (or something), and have been trying to deny it. But on Wednesday, I completed my senior thesis (for now), and didn’t really have anything to do today. So I took advantage of it, and did nothing. Seriously. I had a simple breakfast:
Crisp Gala apple, yogurt with flax, GF biscuit, and black coffee.
The only “thing” I did today was meet my Mama for lunch at Crispers. They have gluten-free options! I love when a restaurant caters to us GF peeps! I felt so gourmet when I devoured this little number:
Mango, duck, and goat cheese salad with black bean and sausage soup. I did NOT eat that tortilla thingy.
 As soon as we got home, I crashed. That was at 1 PM. Not until 5 PM did I find myself slinking out from my cozy little cave. Usually, a four hour nap is unthinkable for me. But today, it was totally acceptable.

A little over an hour later, I helped my Mama whip up this simple, yet mouth-watering meal:
Grilled chicken tenderloins, sauteed cabbage and spinach, and sauteed squash and onions.
 Tonight’s agenda includes dessert of some sort, more lounging, My Best Friend's Wedding, and more sleeping, thank you very much. I was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Giving in never felt so good.

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