Thursday, March 31

Laxidazical Lady

Hi everyone! Let's get real real fast, because I am actually on my way to my first (should be fourth) class of the day. Here's the lowdown behind my lack of posting:

I didn't blog on Wednesday because I spent the whole day working around the house, packing for my weekend at Biff's and putting some finishing touches on the first draft of my thesis that will be turned in in about 3 minutes.

I planned on blogging- a legitamate blog post- tonight, but alas, I forgot my camera cord at my casa.

I plan on hopping back on the blog-wagon tomorrow. Get ready for a 3-day recap! I know you are as stoked as I am.

See you then!

Question: What is your favorite on-the-go snack? I am feeling lik mixing it up these days...

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