Saturday, March 19

What Happens after 4 AM

After my early morning on Thursday, I was pumped for the day. However, I knew it wouldn’t last. I was right. Before leaving for school, I ate this yummy breakfast:
Strawberries and yogurt and a bagel with cream cheese.\
 Then I packed up my belongings and made a stop off at Biff’s app before class to drop them off. I spent the next hour and a half sitting in the most pointless class I have ever taken. I made use of the free time and chatted with my honey on the DL. After another class, Biff and I headed for the picnic tables to enjoy a lunch in the sun.
Tuna and coleslaw. Not pretty, but tasty.
 During my third class of the day, I could feel 4 AM pounding on my eye lids. But I pushed through it and went to play with the poopers at Journey’s End. Our usual sched continued and Biff and I headed back to the app for dinner.
Carrots, apple, and smoked turkey rolls. I planned on eating and nut butter ball with this, but didn't have the room.
 I followed up this light fare (which was actually incredibly filling) and devoured one of Earth Café’s delectable cheesecakes.

Earth Café makes vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, raw “cheesecakes” for health-food lovers like me. They have ten, quite descriptive, flavors. The first one I tried out was the “Who’s Your Daddy” carob mousse cheesecake. Let me start by saying, it was quite tasty. 
Nom nom.
 However, if you hadn’t told me it was cheesecake, I wouldn’t have called it that. The density was definitely more mousse-like than cheesecake-like. I happen to love how dense cheesecake is, so this was a minor disappointment for me. The awesome crust is made of nuts, which were a little salty, but it totally works. I love a little saltiness with my sweet. One of the main ingredients in this cheesecake is coconut butter, which was very evident, but perfect. It was super rich and I could never have finished a whole piece by myself. Luckily, I split it with my bestie. All the yumminess made me super excited to try the other flavors.

Afterward, we decided to mix things up and attend a cultural event on campus. Then we took went for a much-needed trip to Chili’s after a long hiatus.
Beccs and Biff.

Stewmart and I. I looked alot better than I was feeling...
I didn’t order my usual wine because of my bronchial issues, and opted for water instead. I still ate the chips though.
I could seriously eat 2 whole baskets of these.
 Earlier in the night, I realized that I had forgotten some attachments to my nebulizer. Needless to say, I was hacking up a lung by the time I was snuggling into the sheets. Cough medicine had to suffice for the night.

I woke up this (Friday) morning feeling meh and had an un-picture-worthy protein shake for breakfast. Soon after, I chose to go home instead of stay for my weekly Friday meeting. Once home, I noshed on lunch. It was a great deal more exciting than breakfast.
Turkey cucumber sandwich, cooked broccoli, and a horribly bruised, but delightfully juicy pear.
 With my belly full, I took advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting in the sun. Lovely. A nap was in order after soaking up the rays. Later in the evening, mama made a scrumptious and simple dinner of taco salad.
Salad beast with a side of roasted butternut squash.
 Lacking in self-control, I headed to the freezer for another Earth Café cheesecake- Flavor: I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Hill. 

Pretty presentation.
 Magical. Unlike "Who's Your Daddy?", the two main ingredients are blueberries (obvs) and cashews. Surprisingly, I liked it a lot better than the chocolately one. It wasn’t too rich and had the perfect amount of sweetness. The consistency was a little denser than the first one, but still not quite cheesecake-like. No matter. It was splendid. I give it an A+ for sure. It was a perfect top-off to my Mexican dinner.

Tonight is early to bed, because tomorrow is early to rise for Zumba Instructor Training! Wish me luck. Have a fantastic weekend!

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