Tuesday, March 8

Going to War

After two days of shenanigans, I deemed it necessary to get back to work on my senior thesis. I figured since it was Spring Break and I had nothing to do this weekend, it would be ok for me to sleep in past my usual 5 AM on Saturday as long as I worked in the afternoon. Now let me explain something. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I work best in the mornings. By “I work best,” I mean “I work.” Once 1 PM hits, my brain is no longer capable of doing anything school related. The cause of this predicament eludes me.

Here are some Saturday eats: 
Toast with cream cheese and an apple (on top and on the side). What what.

Ke-sah-dill-uh with a turkey pastrami salad beast.
 So, instead of doing work as I had planned, I ended up wasting time by attending the yooj Saturday shopping trip with my mama in America’s Friendliest Hometown. When we returned, we treated ourselves to some hazelnut cappuccinos.
 Di-Vine. It has been way too long since I’ve had a proper cappuccino, and I fear a reversion back to flavored creamer…

That evening, I had the house all to myself since Mama and Gigantor were attending a friend’s birthday party.
Sauteed greens with sweet potato.
 I had brief intentions of taking advantage of the alone time and doing some work. Regrettably, Netflix lured me further down the path of procrastination with the promise of a beautiful story about “a young duchess who indulges in extravagant vices and begins a scandalous affair with politician Charles Grey to balance her unhappy marriage to the duke of Devonshire.” I’ve been dying to watch The Duchess for weeks now and simply couldn’t resist. Movie trumps thesis.

While watching, I played beauty shop.
Crazy curly.
 Then I indulged in a little chocolate decadence.
Gigantic fresh strawberries with "chocolate mousse" (plain yogurt with cocoa powder and Stevia).
 Toward the end of the movie, I started feeling a little scratch in my throat, which I attributed to the karaoke I was doing earlier in the night (self-entertainment).

 I woke Sunday morning and quickly realized the scratch was not a product of my singing, and that I was, in fact, getting sick. I refused to accept this “problem” and protested by ignoring it and conducting business as usual.
Protein pancakes with 1/2 banana.
Super yummy. Review coming soon!
It melted in my car but still tasted Great ;).
 I planned (again) to work on my thesis after my morning workout (AKA sickness protest), but was “sadly” informed that the fam and I would be going to see The King’s Speech. The Oscars brought the film to my attention and I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. We were not disappointed in the least. The movie was fantastic.  I, however, was not. My scratchy throat had by this time become quite painful, and although I was excited about going out for an early dinner, I was also longing for a warm bed and some hot tea. After the movie, we traipsed over to a nice little Italian joint where we were waited on by an extremely rude dude. I was incredibly perturbed by his nasty attitude, but feeling entirely too crappy to do anything about it. Instead, I listened to my family talk and enjoyed my delicious eats.  
Mahi-Mahi with steamed veggies.
 The rest of the night consisted of the Bourne Ultimatum, about ½ a gallon of colloidal silver, and an 8:30 bedtime. I was not about to let this “problem” (I refuse to call it sickness) get me down.

Unfortunately, “sickness” is exactly what it was. I finally did work on Monday on account of me being banned (by my mother) from any form of physical exertion. Pretty much, all I did was thesis, eat, sleep, work on wedding invitations, and eat some more. 
Messed up eggs (didn't have butter) on corn tortillas and a side of grapefruit.
Mexican quinoa: quinoa, salsa, onions, chickpeas, corn, cumin, and chili powder. Topped with sour cream.
Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Ball.
Incredibly dense ball of peanut-y goodness.
 I ate this ball at 4 PM. It was better than real peanut butter. This Betty Lou's Nut Butter Ball kicked the Coconut Macadamia Nut one's arse. I want to eat them all day 'er day. It's almost 7 PM. I am still full. Enough said.

Here are the stats:

Protein-15g  <-- take a good look people
Dietary Fiber-3g

Tonight, I will be taking an entire bottle of Vit C washed down with a cup of colloidal silver and going to bed at a ridiculously early hour again. Immune system, this is war.  

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