Tuesday, March 29

Party Animals

As I sit down to write this post, evidence of potato chips, mint-chocolate chip ice cream, and meat and cheese on crackers shows in my bloated, yet happy stomach, and remnants of their delightful tastes are still on my taste buds. Let me explain how this came to be…

I woke this morning later than usual (I blame senioritis), and had a typical breakfast.
Mocha Java protein shake and a pear.
 Then Mama informed me that we would be attending a surprise birthday party for her best friend. Apparently, everyone has known about this for a while, except for me. I guess everyone assumes that I am always up for anything and that I would have no prior engagements. I suppose I’m getting predictable.It seems like partying is all this family does. No complaints here.

After piddling around, I decided to do something productive, so I got to sweating. I did 25 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of yoga. Basically, it was magical. I feel like I’ve found the perfect combination: strength training, followed by strength training and stretching. It was beautiful.

Naturally, over the course of the day, my mom somehow ended up taking over the majority of the party-planning duties. I am still unsure how, in a few hours, we went from mere attendees to pseudo-hostesses. It is what it is. I got ready for our day out on the town, running errands for the shin-dig and then dined on an appetizing lunch.
Leftover salad courtesy my wonderful aunt and yogurt topped with the last of the carrot apple cake.
For some reason, we ended up not leaving as soon as I thought. Between the time I ate lunch and the time we left for the store, I managed to work up a rumbly in my tumbly. Snack time was in order. In my defense, the span of time between eating and outing was about 2 hours…
These are pretty much God's gift to the GF world.

Walrus face. Always sexy.
Mums and I hit up the post office to mail invitations (for my upcoming going-away partizzle), the library, the feed store (for the poopers), the grocery store, and the other grocery store. By the time we got home, it was already late afternoon. I figured, since we would be eating some pretty hefty snacks at the party, I would eat a small dinner early.
Veggies sauteed in a little BBQ sauce and a sweet potato.
This would have probably been sufficient, followed by some fruit and yogurt later in the night. Instead, this was the spread upon arrival.

There was no hope for self-control.

Large quantities of meat, cheese, chips, salsa, and crackers were consumed. It was so freakin’ good. I can never resist the charms of a meat and cheese tray.  

I did, however, resist the ice cream and cake (obvs).

But then…
Minty, Chocolaty Perfection
 I ended up dipping into this tub for a good five minutes.

No big deal. *shoulder shrug* Although I have been enjoying myself, in the interest of health, I need to get back into my clean eating routine. For reals. Luckily, when inspected the fridge for tomorrow's lunch prospects, I realized that these party animals forgot the veggie tray. 

Coincidence? I think not...


  1. No worries, I didn't know about the party until lunch time when Chris called me and was like, "Hey Kaitlyn, are going to Mrs. Julie surprise party tonight?"

    And I can't believe we forgot the veggie tray... I would have eaten more of that than I did everything else!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! And I'm glad you are reading my blog!! It was so nice to meet you the other night. I'm sure I'll see you around more often. :D