Wednesday, March 30

Hungry Girl

After a few days of processed and sugary foods, I put my foot down (with myself) and said, This has GOT to stop. You all know that I am never against having a treat every now and then, or even every day, but having chips, cake, or candy with almost every meal is NOT ok. I was starting to feel it. After attempting a detox that actually made me feel worse than it was worth, I  ended up falling right back off the band wagon.

So Tuesday, I made myself a simple, yet filling breakfast.
Papaya and yogurt.
Then I packed myself a super-dee-duper healthy lunch and snacks for my full day of school.
Quinoa with salsa, big bag of veggies, and a pear. Not picture: almonds.
Back to that filling breakfast… It kept me full for about an 1.23 hours. This got the hungry ball rolling for me. No exaggeration, I was hungry ALL DAY. It’s not that I wasn’t eating, because I did eat. ALL DAY. This is the last time I pack mostly vegetables for mydaily eats. I assumed the sheer volume of the foods I was eating would keep me full. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Every time I ate, I felt hungry within a half an hour. Luckily, I had a melted protein bar in my car. After my volunteering with Biff and playing with the furry creatures, I made my way home. The entire way, I was thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner. I was not about to have a measly dinner after the day’s torture.

The following feast was the product of my commute daydreaming.
Yes, this is two large plates. Cod loin, twiced-baked potato (healthy version), and salad beast.
My eye was obviously bigger than my stomach. The other half of that potato is going to be Mama’s lunch tomorrow. I’m such a good daughter. :D

The moral of this story is that you should always pack yourself ample snacks to keep from being miserable. I usually don’t have a problem with this, but today, I greatly overestimated the stay-full powers of vegetables, making me a hungry girl. I might just go have a snack now…   

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