Wednesday, March 16

Playing Hooky

Bronchitis is the pits. So is not sleeping. Three hours of sleep, in my humble opinion, is not enough to be expected to participate as a fully functioning member of civilized society. Keeping that in mind, I stayed home from school on Tuesday. Monday night, I used a nebulizer a little too late, which made me feel like I was on crack (not that I know what that's like).
Me and my crack pipe. Just call me Miley Cyrus.
 This resulted in an inability to get to sleep until about 1 AM. Then for some reason, I woke up at around 3 AM feeling sick, most likely due to the combination of vitamins, probiotics, and other get-better supplements taken on an empty stomach. Geez.

So I spent my day lounging around, eating, sleeping, and cleaning. Bo-ring. But, instead of being my usual stir-crazy self, I felt completely ok with being a bump on a log. Major indication of sickness in my case. So I'm rolling with it. I figure, the more of a break I give my body, the faster I'll be in the clear. Here are some of today's eats:
Yogurt, flax, pear, almonds, and dried cranberries. Yum.
Chopped salad and cottage cheese with blueberry jam.
Chicken soup dinner

My Biff and creator of Fashionably Plate, on the other hand, had a fantastic day! I just want to take this time to congratulate her on her acceptance into Northwestern University! I am so proud. All of her hard work paid off. Well deserved.

Another side note, a fellow blogger, Gillian Young, is hosting a giveaway to help out with the tragedy in Japan. By donating a dollar or more to the Red Cross, you can win some goodies from Gillian! Here's the link to Confessions of a Young Woman.

I've obviously had time to browse the web today and find a few interesting reads. Have a look-see:

7 Unhealthy Foods Masquerading as Healthy
How to be Hot
Avocado Lime Fro-Yo

Tomorrow promises to be another unproductive day. Gotta find some blog-spiration.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out beauty! Guest post going up today!