Wednesday, March 2

Routine Adjustment

Repetition and monotony are two of the things that I despise most in life. What fun is life if you don’t change it up, right? Sadly, I will admit that having a very set school schedule gets me wrapped up in a sometimes boring routine. To remedy this problem, I have been really trying to consciously do things differently every once in a while, just for the heck of it.

Over the summer, I was cooking, or at least helping, with every meal, while I spent time with my soon-to-be family in South Africa. Unfortunately my cooking skills these days have been stifled by my sometimes hectic schedule. So, my “variety” has been consisting of different flavors of the same protein bar, cooked vs. raw carrots, and reheated left-overs. Don’t worry; I make sure to wait a day in between the cooked meal and eating it again to keep it interesting... I know, I know, you can’t handle my living on the edge. I’m getting crazy. Another rather strange thing I do is repeat foods that I discover/“rediscover”, get sick of them, “re-forget” them for a while, and then “rediscover” again (redundancy is necessary here) hence:

Tuesday was a day for such conscious deviation from the norm…

About 3 months ago, I found out that Bisquick now comes in GF. Not surprisingly, I freaked out and went straight out to buy some. Since then, I have eaten pancakes approximately 25 times. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating, but still. I have had them with bananas, blueberries, chocolate, apples, and pretty much anything remotely tasty. 

This morning, I was feelin’ some cakes, but instead of busting out the Bis, I headed for to check out her recipe for protein pancakes.
Pro-cakes with a nanner.
 They were absolutely delish. The only problem I found was that the batter was a little runny, which called for more protein. My suggestion: start out with ½ the almond milk and add more if needed. Nevertheless, these pancakes were the shiz. Usually, at exactly 11:15, I nosh on a little snackie of some sort, but not today. I stayed full until 1:00 pm. That NEVER, I repeat, NEVER happens. Breakfast that lasts me until lunch? Yes, please.

A little side note that I would like to share: On my way to school, hit occurred to me that I have exactly 73 days until I see my love for the first time in 9 months and am living in another country. The idea exploded in my brain and hit me in the chest like a ton of bricks as I felt my heart rate rise and a squeal well up in my throat. What followed was a series of wacky dance moves, laugh/screams, and uncontrollable smiling. I am sure the people next to me thought I was nuts. I have a feeling that this is going to become a more common occurrence and might increase in intensity as the time draws nearer. Pray for the  people in surrounding cars on my daily commute.

Ok, back to the task at hand… Even though I stayed full on pro-cakes for a long time, I will say that I was super ready for lunch once it arrived. I spread out the goods for a photo-op.
Cottage cheese with chick peas (relatively yooj), papaya (also yooj), and celery with peanut butter (not-so-yooj). Success.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see a giant cow standing behind me. Even more weird, he was wearing a t-shirt and beckoning me toward a table centered in the middle of the school quad. I am not one for participating in school spirit of any kind, but remembering my commitment to keeping things fresh, I reluctantly followed the ridiculous-looking creature.

Bombarded by other students mindlessly grabbing for cheap plastic knick-knacks on the table, I quickly spun the prize wheel. I needed to get out of there ASAP. I crossed my fingers as the wheel slowed. Free dessert at Chick-Fil-A! 
Posing with my free ice cream card. Chick-Fil-A ice cream is my all-time fave.
 I was super excited. I happily returned to my lunch, having accepted that the strange encounter with the large bovine was totally worth it.
Me, strange man-cow, Biff.
 The next class dragged by, and then I was off to better the community. But first, I had to have a snack. I went for one of Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff bars. I chose the Organic Cocao Acai flavor. 

 Two words: Freaking Amazing. I have a feeling that all of the Betty Lou’s stuff is going to taste like heaven, so I will probably have to make a top 3 list down the road…

The cocao nibs in this bar were delectable and the berry offset the flavor perfectly. I really can’t complain about this bar in the least. On top of it, I got a little burst of energy about 20 minutes after eating it, which is quite rare for me. Not even coffee gives me a jolt. This bar is packed with anti-oxidants and tons of fruit. I could become addicted, real quick-like. I suppose if I do, I would be one healthy girl!

Interesting info:

Organic Certified
With organic goji berries, organic freeze dried acai and raw cacao nibs
Protein from Organic Rice Protein and Cashews
ORAC Antioxidant Value of 34,100

Dietary Fiber-5g

I feel like my day was a little off the usual course making it super great.

Are you a pretty routine person? What do you do when you want to change it up?

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