Monday, March 21

Wedding Planning Zumba Instructor

Hiya fellow food lovers! I hope your weekend was swell. Mine sure was! On Saturday, I went to Zumba instructor training, which was possibly the most exhausting day of my life. I woke up at 5:30, got ready, and had a gigantic breakfast to fuel my long day ahead. 
Looking cute and fitness-y.

Brownie Boatmeal and sliced banana.
 I was beyond full; I thought I wouldn’t want to eat again until Sunday. This meal was also the only one I took a picture of all day. I barely had time to go to the bathroom, much less lay out my food and have a mini photo shoot.

By 7 AM, I was on my way to Clearwater. When I got there, we jumped right into a master class. Holy Sweat! It was definitely the most intense Zumba class I have ever taken. I was soaked in sweat and completely done. Great way to start the day. The training was taught by Jani Roberts, and she was so fantastic!

Jani teachin' it up.

Instructor and Instructor. :D
Shockingly, after the first lecture, I was already starving again, so I munched a 100 calorie bar to stave off the rumblies.

Another lecture, basic warm up, and basic meringue, and I was famished, yet again. Unfortunately, as I tried to eat my tuna and crackers, cucumbers and carrots, and apple in peace and message my lovey, I was bombarded by some lady trying to tell me her life story. Gah. Whatever happened to people being ok with anti-sociability?

As politely as possible, I continued chatting to my honey and then slinked back to class. Then it happened. Fatigue set it. I’m not sure if it was the early morning or the sickness, but I literally did not have the energy to do anything else full out. I’m pretty sure that I looked like a flailing fish at the back of the class for the rest of the day. In between basic salsa, and basic cumbia, I munch again on some almonds and dried cranberries.

Finally, with certificate in hand and muscles practically paralyzed, I hopped in my car to make the 2 hour trek all the way back home. But first, I scarfed my turkey salad and cantaloupe dinner, which I didn’t photograph due to extreme ravenousness. Then I had some protein cookie bites for dessert.

Shortly after returning home and explaining every detail of my day to my inquisitive mother, this newly licensed Zumba instructor passed out.

I made sure to nix the alarm clock for Sunday morning, and slept until almost 10 AM. When I woke up, I was hungry, obvs.
Blueberry Pancakes
 The rest of the day was spent working on going away party invitations and wedding invitations. I also spoke to my honey about the Big Day for about 2 hours. It’s getting super close, and I’m super excited. Somewhere in between all of the excitement and preparation, I had lunch, copious amounts of Cape Cod potato chips, and dinner.
Turkey sandwich and a pickle.
Squash, mushroom, and onion quiche, and salad beast.
 Invitations go in the mail tomorrow (Monday). This show is on the road, and I can hardly contain myself!  

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